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To help create the conditions for an alternative to New Labour and the building of a new, truly democratic society, where the right to vote counts, by campaigning for:

  • A conference of trade unionists, social, community, youth, other organisations and individuals to decide upon alternative political representation
  • New forms of representative democracy such as Peoples Assemblies at local and national level
  • Democratisation of the ownership of economic and financial corporations and institutions
  • Equal rights and justice for minority ethnic communities
  • Suspension of financial payments to New Labour by the trade unions
  • Alliances with movements for social justice in other countries

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All those who believe in the right to decide their own future. For London hotels stay at our partner for special nepd rates.

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NEPD defends women’s rights


NEPD campaigns at Respect

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The Network is open to all individuals and organisations who agree with its aims.

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