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The first aim of the NEPD is to campaign for a conference of trade unionists, social, community, youth, other organisations and individuals to decide upon alternative political representation.

So far almost 500 individuals and a number of organisations are supporting it, including: the Movement for a Socialist Future, the Muslim Parliament, branches of the T&GWU and UCATT, plus leading members of the Fire Brigades Union and Amicus.

Provisional agenda:

1. The right to vote – giving political power to the people

  • Extending democracy beyond Parliament
  • Local People’s Assemblies with real power
  • Reshaping the police and justice system
  • Ending privileges for the few

2. Democratising ownership and control

  • Liberating economic and financial resources
  • Production for need not profit
  • Safeguarding nature and the environment
  • Using science/technology for the common good

3. Building international links

  • Linking with movements in other countries
  • Alternatives to the European Union of big business
  • How the rich countries can support developing nations

4. Getting there

  • How we achieve our aims
  • Alternatives to protest and pressure
  • How we organise ourselves

What do you think? Send us your views and comments about the proposed agenda to

Supporters of the Network are meeting in local areas to discuss and win backing for the Conference. If you would like to help organise in your area, or come to the conference, please get in touch at

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All those who believe in the right to decide their own future - trade unionists, Labour Party members, social community, youth & other organisations and individuals

Deciding on a political voice for the future

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